Thursday, May 17, 2012

"God From Afar," Now Available as Ebook

Finally my memoirs have been adapted to ebook format. "God From Afar: Memoirs of a University Professor," by James Schiavone is now readily available via wireless download to any ebook reading device (i.e., Nook, Kindle, SONY, iPad, etc.).  Go to

"God From Afar will undoubtedly ruffle the feathers of many, invoke the anger and wrath of some administrative 'god' and elevate those in higher academia who have, at least on one occasion, been personally victimized by some administrative guile or godliness."

Ellwoodson Williams, Associate Professor of Speech, Communications and Theatre Arts
Borough of Manhattan Community College/The City University of New York.


From an interesting personal perspective, James Schiavone sheds more than a little light on the bureaucratic elements inherent in the American teaching profession. His narrative paints a vivid picture of what it is really like to succeed and survive in academe. Far removed from what most people think of as a quiet life of deliberation and classroom lectures are the politicking, bureaucracy and colliding of incompatible personalities. As in most occupations, academic life is not immune to the corruptions of human character.

Through his unique career experiences Schiavone takes the reader on an incredible odyssey from elementary school to secondary, adult and higher education, describing how he was turned down for tenure, promotions to associate professor, and even a sabbatical -- yet achieved all of this and more at the nation's third largest university, CUNY.

His is a story of unflinching dedication to the teaching profession -- a devotion that has kept him on its front lines for more than 40 years.  While interested laypersons, parents and students will find the work enlightening, entertaining, and often shocking, academics will certainly relate to the trials and tribulations of an extraordinary man who simply wanted to teach.

Also available in ebook format is Schiavone's classic contribution to the psychology of reading, "Help Your Child to Read Better." Originally published in the late sixties, this work is meaningful and effective into the 21st Century.

Both titles retail at a modest $3.99

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